CTG Award Winners

13001061_10153437922275843_6824858232850738885_n 12963861_10153437922280843_71677213885457554_nWe are thrilled to be coming home from the Exmouth Festival of One Act Plays with not one but FOUR trophies! Best Director for Margaret Smith for Ladybirds, Best Actress for Tish Wells for Ladybirds, Most Exciting Presentation for Sailors Beware… And… BEST PLAY for The Ladybirds! The TOP prize!
We also had nominations for Jeanette Sutherland for Best Actress, Debbie Meakin for both Best Actress AND Best Supporting Actress, a block nomination for the whole cast of Sailors and Ladybirds for Best Diction and I think I’ve forgotten one or two but who can blame me! Well Done cast and crew and our award-winning director! Quarter-finals here we come!!!