Lyn Henley, 12 December 1941- 27 September 2015

sLyn_6006363Members of Colyton Theatre Group will be deeply saddened by the recent death of Lyn Henley. For more than twenty years she has been at the heart of every aspect of our activities. A memorable actress; we recall her roles in Blithe Spirit, Steel Magnolias, The Dresser, Katherine Howard and many other plays. She was also an often inspired director of many pantomimes and, with her husband, Drewe, of more serious works as well. She was a choreographer, organiser of social functions, a committee member for years and, recently, our Chairman.

Although Lyn carried the burden of caring for Drewe she never refused to take on any additional work for CTG if asked and always with that warm sense of humour which was so typical of her. We shall miss her.

David Clarke (President)

Lyn’s funeral will be held in Combpyne on Monday, 19 October at 2pm. Lyn’s family has requested that, where possible, this is to be a cheerful occasion and would prefer black not to be worn. All are welcome.